The Dark and Stormy Journals of Truman Ramsey: Chapter Two

A gentle mist formed on the lawn outside the second-story window of the humble writer’s abode. A beautiful lady appeared. Her bulging penis lazily hung between two thick thighs, dragging through the grass behind her as she walked. Gigantic black wings with razor sharp peaks dripped with perspiration as her two dark, hollow eye holes surveyed the uncut lawn. Rows of jagged incisors filled her wide mouth. A siren song of lust and pleasure tickled the author’s ear.

She held a baby against her milky jugs. It sucked. He’d never seen a woman like this before.

She is beautiful, isn’t she?

He must not be distracted. His word count had not been met for the day, and reaching his word count was a life or death matter.

That’s right, Ramsey. At midnight, your words shall not be enough.

The demon’s voice hissed in his skull. Only two hundred words slapped into existence and it was already noon. He had to reach five thousand before the clock struck the witching hour on that dreadful day… or else.

He’d bought the saxophone at the antique shop downtown. He didn’t normally go antiquing, but he was drawn to the shop that sunny afternoon. The sax sat on the shelf, with a carved hole that emitted an aura of sensuality. The tip had a bulb at the end, a penis bulb. He had never in his life seen a sax like that. Truman Ramsey Playing Sax

Before he could ask, the old hag behind the counter brought it down and handed it over.

“Fo’ fee,” she whispered, nodding with her mouth hole wide and teeth laid on the counter. “Fo’ fee.”

He cradled it in his hands and licked his lips. The tip felt warm against his tongue.

He blew.

His back arched. The sax lifted triumphantly as the jazz god blew his horn. The fingers worked the notes and his eyes closed.

Minutes passed.


He awoke from his trance with the sax on his hip, exhausted, out of breath, and jeans soaked with his juices. The inner thighs dripped. The woman was gone and the shop was empty.

He walked onto the main street and it was the middle of the night. Little did he know, the curse had already begun.

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